(motion graphics) (illustrations)

Coca-Cola Brand ident

In-line with Coca-Cola’s new brand tagline (2016), the campaign launched a series of advertisements depicting people enjoying the simple things in life – Coca-Cola. I got the idea of demonstrating this in a simpler way, using simple illustrations to create a motion graphics which reflects the energy and simple joys of things we do in our daily lives.

Disclaimer: This motion graphics was created for educational purposes and was not done in collaboration with The Coca-Cola Company or their associates.


Illustrations were first drawn up in Adobe Illustrator and a suitable soundtrack was found the the backing track. The final quote was a snippet of audio obtained from the actual advertisements to replicate an authentic and set a complementary mood. the colour choice of the motion graphics was chosen so as to maintain the trademark colours that people can relate to Coca-Cola. Actual motion graphics coding was done in Adobe After Effects and the process was done over a 1 month period.

Storyboard | Jacqie T.
Illustrator | Jacqie T.
Audio | The Coca-Cola Company advertisements