WORK is an interactive roaming installation with 3D typographic elements, presented as a punching bag. It invites the user to have a go at it, stimulating stress relief through catharsis. This piece serves as a metaphorical and symbolic reminder for students to take a break from work.

Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 21.25.55.png


Through many sketches and conceptualising, we tackled a common problem with an uncommon solution. We tested and picked out the materials and worked for 1 week to produce the actual product. The piece was placed in various locations and real-life reactions were filmed. Consent was taken from the individuals who appeared in the video.

Concept | Joel Lim, Crystal Kong, Jacqie T.
Art | Crystal Kong, Jacqie T.
Director & Videographer | Jacqie T.
Video Editor | Jacqie T.
Special Thanks | School of Art, Design & Media (NTU)